(d)  is “design” as an unknown variable

(d) is “design”  addressing the unknown.

Design and innovation comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and meanings.
(d)innovation is an open invitation for exploration in all shapes and sizes;
however, we have a particular set of priorities for (d)innovation . We can
build around these questions?

What makes design unique? 

How do we create opportunity for design? 

What makes design design?

(d)innovation 2019

(d)innovation 2019  is hosting an interdisciplinary design exploration at the ISU College of Design.   (d)dares is part of the Design Week celebration for the 40th anniversary of the College of Design. We are excited for the potential outcomes from this rapid design dive on two key topics (to be unveiled at 9am on April 8th).

The 3rd annual (d)innovation symposium and workshop brings together interdisciplinary experts who have woven together aspects of design and society in transformative ways. The presenters each will discuss ways to synthesize dynamic projects, enterprises and careers. We will also speculate on how we can reframe design and entrepreneurship to address complex innovation challenges.

(d) innovation includes panels and a workshop component of rapid discussion and energetic exploratory sessions with our diverse group of guest speakers. (d)innovation is an initial step to building a vibrant network of resources for engaging design and society.

The (d) innovation Symposium will have multifaceted results addressing cross-disciplines in the educational environment, fostering scholarly outputs, as well as academic-industry relationships. The interaction across the various disciplines through students, researchers, and professionals will prepare students to participate in large scale problem solving, fostering entrepreneurial and design thinking mind-sets for an ever changing landscape. In class and workshop activities will provide rich research data, which will be disseminated through annual professional conference meetings to serve as a pilot run.

(d) innovation 2018, Jack Forinash from the Blue Sky Center, New Cuyama and Homeboat

(d) innovation – Purpose

A fundamental question for all participants is how design can generate new opportunities. We seek to build more connections outside of design fields, but also to continue to explore just what, why and how design is operating in the world. For students, we hope to provide a higher sense of purpose for their work and identify opportunities for them to impact their communities. These presentations and discussions will give them a better sense of what their career paths might look like as interdisciplinary designers, design entrepreneurs, or in whichever professional niche they create for themselves to have the best chance to make a difference in the world.

We do not want to skip over the basic questions, such as what is the relationship between design and entrepreneurship? How do they fit together, or not? Both the terms “design” and “entrepreneurship” are expansive, and can encompass many things. One challenge in design is that we often find ourselves unable to communicate effectively with non-designers, because our language is limited in the sense that it is internal and specialized. One goal of the symposium is to talk about how we as designers can better define some of the fundamental aspects of our terminology for others. We don’t want to just talk past each other, which can happen even when we agree or share interests. We want to start building this better relationship by talking across design disciplines and including voices and ideas from experts in entrepreneurship who may not themselves be trained as designers. We have wide range of speakers with many experiences, so we will be talking about this both locally in Iowa, as well as in other parts of the country and the world. We hope to generate some new insights and challenge basic assumptions that may be holding us back from productive collaboration.

Our speakers  provide a broad range of perspectives, while also bringing out some shared underlying themes that can emerge even though their own experiences may seem very diverse. Our guest are from professional practice and academia. We included people who are typically considered part of business, part of design, or perhaps truly working between disciplines. All of them have a meaningful and compelling connection to entrepreneurship and a desire to bring perspectives from design to the broader conversation.

This is the third symposium organized by the Interdisciplinary Design Program. It is funded by the Interdisciplinary Design Program, the College of Design Lectures and Exhibitions Committee, and the College of Design. The event is open and free to the campus community and the public, although seating is limited.

Our target audience is students, faculty, staff, and members of the Ames community. We encourage people from outside of the College of Design departments to join us. We are especially interested to welcome students and faculty affiliated with the campus-wide Entrepreneurial Studies minor and the new College of Business Entrepreneurship major.