(d)innovation 2018 – Transforming Design for Society

(d)innovation Homeboat presentation with Jack Forinash, Corbin LaMont and Mary Welcome

(d) innovation sparked a lot of discussion and insights among the participants from outstanding guest presentations, faculty panel, student exhibition and conversations.   Social engagement and entrepreneurship was front and center in 2018.  “If you love your place, you love your people it will separate you as a designer”  –  Ashley Hanson, Placebase Production at (d).

Senior Associate Dean College of Design, Cameron Campbell gives the introduction to (d) innovation 2018
Devin Walker, Mat Bedford, and Wyatt Rasumussen’s poster on “Designing for a Complex World” on exhibit

“Through this project, we sought out and consulted two experiences shaped by disabilities with movement and verbal communication. Through active listening, open conversation, and recorded testimonials, we enriched our viewpoints as interdisciplinary designers and confronted our personal contexts as able-bodied actors. In all, the effort identified accessibility frustrations within daily life and made us grapple with our naivety in designing for disabled experiences.”  (from poster)

Homeboat workshop at Westbrook Artists’ Site prefaced the (d) innovation symposium. I DES 495 worked with Jack, Corbin, Spence and Mary for on variety of field projects.
I DES 495 student conversation on social design and prototyping as research
Doron Serban,  Emerging Technologies Coordinator at the Academy of Art University School of Architecture in San Francisco, CA presenting his work on the Unsheltered and social justice.
(d) innovation 2018
Ashley Hanson, Dept. of Public Transformation and Placebase Productions presenting at (d) innovation 2018.

“Listening and then ‘Deep Listening.”  Transforming rural communities.

Video work by ISU Interdisciplinary Design team AJ Anderson and Jacob Oglesby of the faculty panel.

Faculty discussion panel –  (Moderator)  Kathranne Knight)   (Panelists)  Kevin Owens, Patience Lueth, Andrew Gleeson, Mike Jackson, Clark Colby.

Our panelist addressed three questions in conversation with the (d) audience.  The questions posed by our moderator included:  A)   The case for reframing the role of design    B)  Design with unexpected partners, creative places   C)  Challenges ahead.

(d)innovation panel moderator, Kathranne Knight
(d)innovation faculty panel, Kathranne Knight, Kevin Owens, Andrew Gleeson, Patience Lueth, Clark Colby, and Mike Jackson.
(d)innovation Mary Welcome with Jack Forinash during the Homeboat presentation
Mary Welcome citizen artist in planning mode
(d) innovation 2018 Homeboat, Corbin LaMont speaking with Jack Forinash and Mary Welcome

Presentation in three part with six subjects: “Go Exploring ,  Apply your skill set,  How winding is the road?  Who is your community?  Grow your circle of friends.”

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