Kevin Lair – Founder (d)innovation (co-chair 2017- )

(d) Co-chair, Kevin S. Lair

“Design and entrepreneurship often intersect in compelling but underappreciated ways.  These are diverse endeavors so it is easy to not see the connections.  There is a great opportunity for enhancing the connection between design and entrepreneurship.  Interdisciplinary designers often have to define themselves, recognize the opportunities, and give shape and clarity to the context in which they are working.  These responsibilities match with much of entrepreneurship.  Furthermore, disciplinary practices also shift over time and often increasingly require the ability to adapt to new situations that require challenging the status quo, engaging in novel practices, and adjusting to new business models.”

Kevin Lair is an interdisciplinary designer whose work focuses on the integration of design, innovation and entrepreneurship.  He is a Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Design and Architecture and Iowa State University.  He holds degrees in Fine Arts and Psychology from Drake University and a Masters in Architecture from Harvard University.   He is the co-director of the Westbrook Artists’ Site and co-founder of the George Stout Fellowships for Art in the Public Sphere.