(d)dares at (d)innovation 2019

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(d)dares is a rapid exploration into new design visions spanning local and
global challenges. Our rolling schedule is an open invitation to join in any time to participate in sharing lots of ideas and building a comprehensive vision. ISU faculty and a powerful team of guests innovators, thinkers and doers will be co-collaborators and mentors in our (d)dares.

the Armory (center space – food provided)

04/08   9am – 5pm
Event Kickoff – (d)dares topics revealed project launch
Discovery (People, places, issues)
04/09    10am – 4pm
What if (Making a difference)
04/10    9am – 5pm
Putting into action (New futures)
04/11 10am – 3pm
Resolution (Making sense of it all)
3pm – 4pm
Presentation and public voting (the best of the best

(d)innovation explorations:

The idea of design as an attitude is powerful but how do we describe that
attitude? How we describe it for (d)? and what does that attitude mean
for us in terms of what we do?

+ From a local to a global perspective we will build and diversify our
networks and resources
+ Beyond solving problems we will generate new opportunities
+ We will raise questions of ourselves, our purpose, our motivations,
our agendas and our obligations
+ We will avoid superficialities, appearances, assumptions, and
+ We will share, take risks, collaborate, exchange, fail, listen,
discuss, advocate, succeed, iterate, care and persist
+ We will be responsible, accountable and ethical
+ We will customize, adapt, and evolve

Wicked problems or just “wickedness” refers to complex, unique,
multi-variable situations. We seek those who embrace the challenge of
wickedness to join (d)dares. We will look in the periphery and over the
horizon and behind us.

+ We will do all of these things as interdependent aspects of design
+ We will be hungry and opportunistic
+ We will create value

Problems are what we see in front of us, opportunities and innovation are
often in the periphery and remain fuzzy or ill-defined. (d) is design at the
these fuzzy edges. We can start with a conversation and as with
wickedness, “there is no stopping point.”

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